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Maui Wedding Ministers

Kimo Kirkman
Rev. Kimo Kirkman is one of our most popular Hawaiian ministers. He will blow the conch, chant in Hawaiian and translate that chant. His ceremonies are fun and deliver the true Hawaiian wedding experience. Kimo decked out in his traditional Hawaiian wear will have you feeling the true Hawaiian wedding experience. His ceremony will touch most people deeply.
Lisa Porter Lisa Porter Maui Minister
Rev. Lisa Porter has a relaxed and joyful style of officiating that embraces you with aloha. This multi-talented minister and musician has one of the most beautiful voices on Maui. She has officiated, or sung and  played harp or guitar for over 3,000 weddings on Maui.
She is very flexible and accommodating to all ethnicities and religions, and is very enthusiastic about gay and lesbian weddings. She loves couples to include personal vows and traditions. For Hawaiian touches she blows conch and chants beautifully.


Reverend Laki's Hawaiian heritage and spirit of Aloha is unsurpassed. His services are filled with his wonderful Hawaiian spirit, history and legacy, but it also supports his wonderful work in our community, to help those who need it most. Rev Laki is now the senior pastor of Church On The Go reaching out to the community, the homebound and the prisons, and continues to perform wedding ceremonies & renewals.

Rev. Adam Gomes
Rev. Adam Gomes is the quintessential Hawaiian minister. He will blow the conch, chant in Hawaiian and translate that chant. His ceremonies are heartfelt and deliver the true Hawaiian wedding experience. Adam in his traditional Hawaiian robe will delight!
Pastor Robert Alamodin Maui minister Kuya
His ceremony includes traditional Hawaiian elements such as blowing the pu (conch), the Oli welcome chant, and a concluding Hawaiian benediction. For those who wish to savor a full ceremony, it can also include the Aloha Meditation (a great way to relax any nervous bride or groom), prayers (in English and/or Hawaiian) and a blessing of the marriage rings in a Koa bowl with Ti leaf and ocean water, if the location permits. Rev. Kuya embodies the Aloha spirit in ways that consistently earn him high marks from both opposite and same sex couples.
Rev. Charles Hull
Rev. Charlie Hull is another of our West Maui Ministers. He as been performing weddings on Maui for over 15 years and in that time has performed over 3,000 wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows including the 24 year renewal for Mickey and Jan Rooney. His ceremony is non-denominational.Often using humor to relax and put everyone at ease. Rev. Charlie's ceremony is gentle yet serious, and draws out the emotion of guests as well as the wedding couple. He likes to remind his couples that 'dolphins unite forever' and that is what he suggests they do.
Rev. Ernest Pua'a Maui Minister Ernest
Ernest will blow the conch shell and chant, dressed in his Hawaiian Attire. He also plays and sings with the Ukulele for an additional fee. A true and memorable Hawaiian experience, you will long remember.
Rev. Charles Nahale nahale minister
II will perform Christian, non-denominational and Gay ceremonies that will warm your heart. I will blow the conch shell and include the traditional the "Oli" Chant, along with vows and lei exchange. I am also a Guitarist and Ukulele / Vocalist, please check with our planners for price.
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