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Oahu Wedding Photographers

Pake Salmon
Makaha Angels Productions is owned and operated by Chaunnel "Pake" Salmon and has been in business for 6 years from conception to production output. The goal of Makaha Angels is to capture and produce entertaining and educational media that reflects Hawaii's healthy lifestyles, diverse communities, and Hawaiian culture in a "REAL and NATURAL way

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Patrick Davis Oahu Wedding Photographer Patrick Davis

Experienced but new to the Maui'd Forever team . We love his work and sure you will too.

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Aaron Bernard Vision Quest:
Almost in every picture I see how the event unfolded that it represents, as a film composed of a series of photographs.

.Liquidlightimages – Comes from the process that photographs must go through to become prints visible to the human eye:. Liquid – Before digital imagery, film needed to be processed through “liquid” chemicals to result in the end product of a photograph; also represents water - Aaron’s favorite element environment to shoot. Light is essential to photography:  objects (subjects) themselves are not photographed, but rather the light that reflects off of the subject that is photograph, capturing the character of the object.

Aaron Oahu wedding photo's
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Kristen Hook

I got started doing photography by studying Film in college at Brooks Institute of Photography while majoring in Film with an Emphasis in Commercial Advertising.  I started exploring with different film cameras while in school and then realized that I loved photography more than I did film.

For Excellent Wedding Photography consider Kristen Hook.


hook oahu wedding photography
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Mark Kurnow Mark Kurnow Oahu Wedding Photographer

Hire Photographer Mark for weddings and vow renewals only for the Ko'olina area of Oahu.

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