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    MF's Santa Barbara Wedding Locations

Maui'd Forever is Santa Barbara's Premiere Wedding Planning Company. We do it right. You can preview many of the popular Santa Barbara wedding locations with their details spelled out. Many locations are FREE. The beach and the Santa Barbara Courthouse can be free of cost (subject to 1st come 1st served) Call 1-800-871-2758 today. Email.

The Santa Barbara coast line offers many spectacular beach locations to choose from for your wedding.Santa Barbara Beach Wedding Beautiful Weather and un-crowded beaches make this the perfect wedding venueSanta Barbara Beach Weddings.
Why not choose a beautiful sunset?Sunset Beach Wedding in Santa Barbara How about the Santa Barbara Mission?Wedding at Santa Barbara Mission
Alice Keck Gardens Weddings at Alice Keck Park Garden Get more info on the Park, click here Our Famous Courthouse Santa Barbara Courthouse for Weddings Get more info on the Courthouse, click here

More information on other popular Santa Barbara Wedding Locations: